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This Wiki page will contain both more macro international perspectives as well as more micro country examples. Our hope is twofold: creating discussion around this large topic an d helping to inform the design of the new Woodrow Wilson Foundation grant program at Michigan State University. Here is an overview of what we will be presenting and some supporting documents:

  1. The MAT program was designed to meet teacher shortages in high need areas in the United States by creating ways to get teachers into classrooms where they are needed quickly
    • Due to Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals about 180 million children in Africa will be enrolled in school creating a need for 4 million teachers (See Book by Jack Schwille)
    • This creates a similar problem in that increased enrollment has created the need to get teachers to the classroom quickly
  2. How can these future teachers best be prepared in a cost-effective manner?
    • The solution for many of these countries is apprenticeship and on the job training rather than certification
    • This is what the MAT program is proposing, on the job training supported by the classroom
  3. There is also the issue of resources as well
    • Gail said in her talk they have to make the MAT work without any additional resources.
    • This also holds true for Developing Countries who must deliver educational services with minimal resources.
4. Pakistan and India as country examples related to shortages, training, and resources.

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Discussion Questions for the Class:
1. What do you see as a result of school fees waived in Kenya? What caused this?
2. Based on what you saw, how would you describe the resource situation in Kenya schools?
3. As the principal of Ayany Primary how would you address your shortage in respect to recruitment, training, and retention?

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